Guiding Your Path Towards Healthy Change

As the sole-provider of S.B. Consulting, LLC I, Sarah Bengtson completed my Bachelor of Science degree for Chemical Dependency and Community Psychology at St. Cloud State University in 2005. My professional training enhances my ability to effectively identify and treat co-occurring substance use and mental health issues.

Through my business, S.B. Consulting, LLC in St. Cloud, Minnesota, I am able to offer the following chemical health services:

You can end the vicious cycle. It is my belief that substance use issues that negatively impact other aspects of your life are issues that can be successfully treated to improve your overall quality of life. By increasing your awareness of problematic behaviors and actively participating in an individualized self-care plan, you can successfully improve your life. I also believe that one of the best ways to start this process is by having you help develop your own self-care plan. I am here to work with you and provide you with the support for change that you desire.

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• Individual Therapy
• Couples Counseling
• Family Therapy
• Court Ordered Therapy

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